Sunday, 24 October 2010

celebrity: (foto:Fannie Hall)
SuBo: Totally Off Nut In Tinseltown.
late night drama at BGT diva's rented hollywood home.

Singing superstar Susan Boyle has again sensationally made headlines in the USA, just days after she and Britney Spears were seen in newspapers nationwide in shock photos which showed the superstar pop-pair (estimated combined wealth a hundred MILLION thousand each) brazenly trying on loads of hats and daft wee tops but not really wanting to buy nuthin in 'Guernsey Lady', the Channel Island's most exclusive shop, whilst both obviously highly intoxicated.
At approximately 3.15am Tuesday, Beverly Hills Cops were alerted to an apparent street brawl outside 1350000465 South Bends Aspect, a handsome mock smart end mansion owned by Iggy Pop, but rented since January to SuBo by Iggy, who actually offered it to the worldwide superstar Keeping Up Appearances-A-Like Scots diva, 66, after he heard slightly slow on the uptake global music sensation Subo, 66, sing The Rolling Stones' wild horses and claimed it "totally altered his stereo" and that he "got a god damn duty to give that big old scottish lady mah house. It's only decen'.."
By early Spring, Subo was ensconced in 1350000465 South Bends A., holding court with Lady GaGa, several Destinys Childs, a Japanese Jim Morrison impersonator called Blake Enthlew and Flavor Flav, notorious art-terrorist out of the eighties. And Chris Evans and Danny Baker. Filming a documentary about Gervais & Merchant's documentary-come-drama about the whole 'scene'.
At around midnight monday, with SuBo too full of drugs and brandy to party all nite and resting in her loft space with two People's Friends and the stick, Lady GaGa decided to set fire to Brad Pitt's Sleeve, Susan's beloved Belgian Scmumsaer dog, who ran yelping up the close and causing Miley Cyrus and Kate Garraway to become arrested for marijuana possession and lewd n lib.
When the crowd assembled by Liam Neeson to 'kick fuck out of Ricky Gervais' grew to nearly 800, and spilled into the streets, police were called.
Ms Boyle, 68, was arrested for public order violations after she threw her beanie baby out the window and it nearly went in a dog shite.